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Specialties & Services

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nTuple is experienced in the full spectrum of Oracle EPM, Planning, and Essbase.  Projects have included extensive OS scripting and SQL development in support of OLAP data warehouses as well as ETL and DRM solutions.

Dan Pressman is recognized as the preeminent ASO expert outside of Oracle Development. Dan's ASO expertise in performance enhancement flows from his research into reverse-engineering of the ASO kernel.  BSO expertise has been gained over the last 20 years working primarily with Essbase and the expanding EPM suite.

Specifically, nTuple specializes in various types of performance optimization:

  • ASO cube design to minimize retrieval times and pre-aggregation
  • ASO and BSO load optimization, including proficiency in hardware and memory issues as well as SQL redesign and optimization
  • Traditional BSO optimization
  • Advanced currency calculations and allocations
  • Usage of the new ASO Planning functionality
  • Maximizing opportunities using the new, as-yet-unreleased BSO/ASO Hybrid


nTuple will review your systems for performance improvements that meet the unique challenges and requirements of Essbase.  Our services include standard T&M consulting and fixed-price engagements, where specifications and deliverables warrant.