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The ASO Challenge

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We have experience in dramatic reduction of load times for spreadsheets and data.  On one of our recent projects, we were able to deliver – on the existing hardware – the following results with no changes to the existing spreadsheets:

  Data in Hhr:Min:Sec    Original Benchmark    Final Benchmark    % Improvement 
  Data Load  1:21:37 12:14 85%
  Spreadsheet Retrieval  20:48 1:29 92%

So, you have an Essbase cube.  It works, but you'd like it to be faster.  Challenge us to make it faster, at no risk to you.  The first 20% improvement is free.

Want to know more?  Here’s the deal:

  1. Within one day, your system will be evaluated to ensure that it offers opportunities for improvement at a high level.
  2. If opportunities exist, we will work with you to establish two classes of benchmarks:
    • Data Load Times, including aggregations
    • Query/Spreadsheet retrieval times
  3. Together we will document the hardware and how the data is prepared for loading.
  4. Together we will copy and randomize the data to be loaded, thereby eliminating any data governance issues (we need the pattern of the data, but not the actual values).  If necessary, we will randomize the metadata.
  5. At this point, we work on your system on our servers.
  6. Within an agreed period of time, we will return and demonstrate the improvements against the original benchmarks.

Upon acceptance of the benchmark, we will deliver a written high-level evaluation of your infrastructure and cube design, focused on additional opportunities to improve performance.

Finally, we will present two half-day workshops, on-site, explaining the changes and other opportunities to improve the usefulness of your cubes:

  • The first workshop will be focused on the financial and power users who guide the development effort.  New reporting options and/or improvements will be explained, allowing them to better direct future development.
  • The second workshop will be technical in nature, so your developers can understand and leverage the changes made.  A secondary objective will be to discuss the challenges they face in implementing the proven enhancements, made offsite, into your environment.

Our fee is based on the percentage of improvement in increments of 1pt, at a rate set in our contract.  The first 20pts are free.  For example:

  • if Data load goes from two hours to 30 minutes (a 75% reduction), our Data Load fee will be based on a 55pt improvement.
  • If Spreadsheet retrieval is reduced from five minutes to 20 seconds, our Retrieval fee will be based on a 73pt improvement.

That, in a nutshell, is the deal.  Challenge us.  We will demonstrate performance improvements.  And we will help you understand the changes and provide guidance to your implementation team.  Of course, there will be a formal contract, but in principal, our challenge is simple:  You pay only on performance improvement.

Please contact us for details.