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  • http://glennschwartzbergs-essbase-blog.blogspot.com/2012/08/book-review-new-oracle-aces-and.html

    “First, if for nothing else, buy this book for the chapter “How ASO Works and How to Design for Performance.” The content is amazing.  I’ll admit, I’ve read the chapter twice now and still don’t understand everything I’m being told.  For some this will be overkill, but you can read the highlights and bypass details when your eyes glaze over.  This is truly an advanced chapter and opens up the internals of ASO like nowhere else I’ve seen.  I’ve already used some of what I’ve read to tune some ASO databases I created.”

  • http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A2SQ7PMRJE2MA0/ref=cm_cr_dp_pdp
    This is an overall great book. One of the questions that had longed nagged me was how exactly does ASO work. There is a lot of material that explains how to do something, but there did not seem to be much that explained how the tool worked under the covers. When I came across Pressman’s chapter on “How ASO Works” I was delighted by the depth of insight that he provided.  This book has a variety of quality authors who cover other areas of development with equal passion. Every chapter is a highly value added read.

  • Dan, I would like to congratulate you for your great contribution towards the ESSBASE consultants' society to unravel the ASO mystery in the most ingeniously simplistic way.  Sincerely, Sanjoy Roy

  • Tangible Results Achieved as a result of reading one chapter!  [Review] By bill on March 18, 2015
    Great group of authors.  Great content in the book.  I purchased this book, primarily, for the ASO content as I'm not as well verse with ASO as I am with the rest of Essbase.  As a result of reading Dan's chapter on ASO performance tuning tips, I managed to make significant improvements in my client's reporting performance.  For example, a baseline report (100,000 records) was taking 17 seconds to run before I made any changes.  If I tried to add a YTD member to the report, it would "never" finish.  Once I had implemented Dan's ideas, the same query finished in 2 seconds WITH YTD members included (which doubled the amount of data on the report).  His concepts, while still difficult to grasp through reading, do work and are worth the time and effort it might take to wrap your heads around them.


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  • Working with Dan:  My first ASO build was a complex model which is reputed to be the largest in Australia. We quickly hit significant performance problems, so brought Dan in to help troubleshoot the model.

    Dan was able to quickly prescribe some initial improvements based on simple, effective design techniques he has developed.

    Improving other aspects of the design required us to cooperate on a more tailored solution, teaming my knowledge of the specific model requirements with Dan’s ASO expertise. Given that we worked remotely across a 12-hour time difference, communication was great and we made rapid progress.

    Importantly, Dan was willing to share his knowledge of how ASO works under the covers, and WHY one option works better than another.

    The result – the performance of the ASO cube improved massively, and I know a lot more about ASO than I did before working with Dan.

                – Alan Davey, Oracle Hyperion BI Consultant
    , January, 2014

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  • Comments on Dan's 2013 presentation, How ASO Works and How to Design for Performance:

    • Awesome
    • Awesome!!!
    • Extremely knowledgeable on the topic
    • Good Presenter
    • Good speaker
    • Great ASO information
    • Great information
    • Great material
    • Great start/ great content
    • I like the more academic level
    • Knowledge on the topic
    • Knowledgeable
    • Knows his stuff
    • Love the card metaphor. Great speaker.
    • Rich technically
    • Thank you! Very Useful.

  • Comments on Dan's 2013 presentation, Performance Optimization and Measurement: New Thoughts and Test Results for BSO and ASO:
    • Awesome insight into overall computer behavior
    • Awesome material
    • Data to back up the results, code to use for us
    • Fantastic!
    • Good insight into Essbase performance optimized
    • Great knowledge
    • Informative of topics
    • Knows his stuff
    • Passion for material
    • Presenter very knowledgeable
    • Technically astute - I'll need to spend a lot of time with this presentation
    • Test data and results
    • Very detailed but clear